Packet Loss #4 : How Does A Head Reject A Body?

This week, Ola, Chan and Mikey discuss a little bit about the Apple Watch, transplanting heads, more reasons why Mikey wouldn't be good at the Zombie Apocalypse and time travel.

Spoiler Alert around 52:45 until 1:04:22 regarding 12 Monkeys and Predestination

Couple words of warning: I tried to bleep out what I could and I may have missed a couple words here are there.. but we do get into a discussion about changing bodies that involve adult activities -- so watch out for Little Ears.

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Show Notes

Follow Up

Leonard Nimoy


Apple Watch (Which Ola preordered)

Here is an article about the WHO Report about radiation for kids and a bit about ionizing radiation.

If you want to see Ola's Avatar

Ola suggested that we should all watch Broad City (IMDB). Had anybody else seen it?

Human Head Transplant | Another Link


Power Rangers Short (Homework for next week)

Bright Spot on Ceres

We have to talk about 12 Monkeys and Operation Troy

Grand & Toy (it's not that exciting)